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The Bridges collection: Through a glass darkly


The key goals of this project are the preservation and publication of the Bridges Collection of Cypriot material. Our fundamental aims are to make the material accessible to as wide an audience as possible, through research publications and 3D images.

We have been running a number of different experiments on perceptions of archaeological material experienced in a range of ways: touch, sight, 3D, behind a glass case. Recently we have been working with colleagues in neuroscience on some memory experiements to see how well people retain information on the material culture experienced in different ways.

Please feel free to explore the site, find out about the collection, see what we have been doing with the material, catch up with our latest experiments, download our Creating 3D Models Quick Guide, and read our blog to see how the material is being used and what our former students have been doing in terms of preservation and 3D!


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